Monday, November 4, 2013

Starting My Day With Inspiration


Time-to-time I tend to stumble across articles that discuss routine habits of successful people and a common connection I find in these articles was that most successful folks start their day with some sort of inspiration. Whether it is a graphic, writing, quote, drawing, or object of some sort, successful people tend to spend a couple minutes in the morning soaking up some inspiration that they will carry with them throughout the day. With that said, I too have been trying to incorporate this in my routine and quotes or quick inspirational blurbs tend to get me going.

Two websites I love for daily inspiration are:  

I'm looking to build on my "virtual inspirational library" so if you have or know of any sites that I could check out, send them my way! 

We all could use a dose of inspiration daily--it makes a world of difference in your mood and how you interact with others. 

Photo Courtesy of Jaume Soriano Sivera

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