Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

Time has certainly flown by in 2013! This year had to be one of the most challenging, game-changing years of my life so far but Lawd, I’m thankful for the journey and growth. If I had to describe this last year in one word, it would be the year of a CRAZY. Professionally and personally, it’s been an emotional roller coaster ride that could easily break the weak at heart---but I didn’t break, I just had to learn how to bend. The lesson I learned was to run to the THRONE and not the phone. My spiritual life has increased immensely and I realize while I’m far from perfect, I’m perfectly imperfect in his eyes and for that, He STILL loves me!   
While this hasn’t been my easiest year, there have certainly been some amazing highlights that have truly soothed the crazy ride.  I became a new auntie again (Hey to my babies, Meatball and Mir-Mir!), new big cousin (Hey baby, Troy!), and one of my most gratifying moments was when I became a GODMOTHER this year (Hey baby G!). I saw some new places, met some new faces, and reconnected with old friends, what a treat!

With all this good, there was some good-byes too, anddd I had to cut off a couple of people…BYE FELICIA! LOL Lessons were learned, true colors were revealed, and I haven’t looked back since yay me! I’m just trying to live a shade-free life…that’s all. Can I get an Amen?

My support system has been nothing short of AMAZING and I just want to thank all of my family and friends who have truly been down for the ride. To my family, thank you for loving me through it all. Even on my worst days, you remind me that my best days outweigh it all. Your overflow of love, support, prayers and encouragement continue to shape and mold me into the woman I am today. THANK YOU!! 

To my JBCrew, we’ve been A 1 since DAY ONE and thank God for bringing us all together. REAL FRIENDS are hard to come by but LIFETIME SISTER FRIENDS are rare! I am EXTRA LUCKY God blessed me with BOTH AT THE SAME TIME because this journey just wouldn’t have be the same without you all. THANK YOU for being there and loving me through every trip, every stumble and every fall LOL.

And on that note, I am so excited for what the future holds for me and mine, you know why? Because I KNOW WHO HOLDS IT! He does! Won’t He…you know the rest! *praise break*

Welcome, 2014! Let’s work! *twirls and throws glitter*

P.S. New posts coming next week! Just wait on it :)

Photo courtesy of Flickr.com/By Teresa


  1. I'm glad you had a great 2013 sister! I need for 2014 to be filled with more face-time (not the Apple kind) of us :) It's awesome to hear that you've grown spiritually. Even though I'm not religious... I'm truly fascinated and in awe of spirituality and religion in general. Love you!

  2. Yessss!!! I miss your guts so let's definitely make these reunions happen. Life is too short you know and I can't bear another day without seeing your beautiful face sissy! Love you Xo