Monday, March 10, 2014

Ban Bossy...Will you join the movement?

In honor of Women's Month, I'd like to share new and happening things that pertain to women news. Today, I stumbled upon the #BanBossy campaign that I thought was so great that I had to share in case you all haven't heard about it.

The campaign is being organized by Lean In and Girl Scouts of America which focuses on banishing the negative stigma that is attached to young girls who assert themselves as leaders. According to the Ban Bossy website, "when a little boy assert himself, he is deemed a leader but when a little girl does it, she's deemed bossy." See the negativity? The campaign aims to break this stigma and boost the self-esteem of young girls and women to embrace being a BOSS! The world needs more women leaders because we are still underrepresented in many facets of the world and it begins with our youth!

To help further the campaign's efforts, they've wrangled in some powerful women who lead the charge in banning the term "bossy." Check out this quick snippet:

For more information about the #BanBossy campaign, click here! Be apart of the change. 


  1. Hey! Mlle this is a very interesting movement that I didn't know about! NOW I DO :) Yes it is a shame little girls are seen as bossy instead of assertive,leaders,strong women that they are. I'm kind of surprissed that this is an issue with all of the female empowerment in the media (Black Girls Rock, Michelle Obama Campaigns" etc) but If people continue to feel the need for this movement than more power to them! thanks for this post! stay in touch! @IamJazzGarcelle I'm revamping my blog design!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I'm looking forward to visiting your new blog design yay and goodluck :)