Wednesday, March 5, 2014

College Taught Me...

"To find a way or make one"! Seriously, that is our school's motto and I continue to apply this in my everyday living. I've always had an ambitious spirit but my alma mater reinforced the importance of NEVER accepting NO as an answer. Even when doors (maybe even windows) continue to close in your face, you have to be steadfast in knowing that the gifts, talents and abilities that you have inside of you is all you need to get a "YES" answer.

Believe me I've had my fair share of hardships which I'm sure all of us can relate to but just because it is a "NO" to that way, it doesn't mean you won't find your OWN way. It's about pushing the envelope, breaking glass ceilings, moving outside of your comfort zone to make your way happen! Whether the world is ready for you or not, our time on Earth is precious so we have to make it count and sometimes it takes making a new way to spark change. The words will forever be inscribed on my heart because I find these words truly encouraging when I'm having a bad day or if I just need a boost of motivation. College taught me many other things as well but I'm not going to bore you guys with a dissertation! LOL

Thank you CAU! Xo

What has college taught you all?

P.S. This post means more to me than ever right now! I certainly needed to post this today considering I'm having a rough day but this is the boost I needed. :) So many positive confirmations are coming in different forms today and it reminds me that everything is going to be okay...trusting the process.

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