Monday, June 23, 2014

Re-evaluating Your Circle

We’ve all heard the saying, “keep your friends close but your enemies closer” but in today’s world, I find that when you keep enemies closer they tend to pollute your space. I’ve never been a fan of drama or “crowds” of people around me, in fact, I believe that most of us misconstrue the definition of true friendship vs. acquaintances. 

There is nothing wrong with having both, in fact, I believe you should but at some point you have to discern who’s who in your life equation. Friendships add value to your life, acquaintances add value to your network. It’s simple life math really but yet the lines get blurred sometimes and that can cause confusion. 

But who says you can’t have more than one circle? Social media has shown us you CAN have several circles operating at once but you have to mindful of boundaries. Your true friends will always show their selves true in the hardest and happiest situations while acquaintances assume their role as sporadic contributors to your life. 

The other day, I had a conversation with a really great friend of mine about friendships and how we both have witnessed and experienced shifts in our relationships with people. While it is never easy to come to grips with that some people are being "removed" or "growing out" of your life, it doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad thing either. In order to get where you are going, it sometimes requires getting rid of dead weight- you could even be dead weight to someone else life as well. Sometimes taking a step back from situation can reveal a lot about a person and yourself! If' it's meant to be, it will be.

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