Friday, October 10, 2014

Do You Have Regrets?

never regret.
 Sometimes I catch myself thinking about what would life be like if we all had a reset button...would you push it? Most of us have heard the saying that "we should live life without regrets" for things we've done in our past but do you have any regrets in your life? I can honestly say that I don't have a single regret about anything I've done or the people who played a part in it! NOPE. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason because we are all learning from our experiences (good,bad, or in between) in order to be the person who we were created to be in the world.

Granted, there maybe things you think about time to time you wish you would have done differently but that would have disrupted your destiny of where you are today or it could have changed it entirely. All we can do now is seize opportunities everyday to live the life we desire. Living life without apology for the choices you made/make is the BEST feeling! It's liberating actually so don't dwell on things you can't change, just look to the sun and claim this day to be great.

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