Monday, September 16, 2013

Cuffing Season is Back

A while back I wrote a post about "cuffing season" and a reader left me a comment about their thoughts which I encourage you all to weigh on this topic. For clarity, cuffing season happens in the time of year where the chilly months are coming (roughly Sept- early March) and guys during this time seek out potential women they can be essentially "cuffed" or talk to during this time. 

So what happens? Guys are looking for that snuggle partner they can kick-it with during this time period and basically they want to reap the benefits of a relationship but on an accelerated pace. Now I know this sounds absolutely ridiculous but I believe there is some truth to this season. Guys are typically the initiators for cuffing season (I've even saw a calender floating around as a joke LOL) because they go out to find a lady (I'm not familiar with ladies doing this but correct me if I'm wrong). In most cases, guys are retracing women they've been in contact with before because the time frame is short so it's easier to initiate contact and a stronger possibility of making them their "cuffee" (I just made that term up). However, some guys will attempt to snag someone new but the likelihood is low (it's just too much works sometimes for a short amount of time).

Some women enjoy the attention, others (like me), peep the game and aren't interested in being a part of a seasonal relationship. I'm good! So you may ask yourself, well how will I know if I'm being cuffed?

Here are some signs: 

  1. The guy that's attempting to cuff you probably is someone that A) you haven't heard from in a while like 6+ months sometimes years. B) someone you never even attempted to get with C) someone who just seems rather desperate or extra nice. 
  2. He only wants to hang out when it is convenient for his schedule (meaning he may have others cuffee's in rotation)
  3. You hardly go out to "nice" public places and if you do, it's probably places that have little to no people traffic (again, he might have others in rotation and can't risk getting caught).
  4. You NEVER have convos about the future nor do you EVER meet friends, family or anyone else that holds a significant importance to this guy's life. 
  5. Please DON'T expect any holiday gifts because that's likely won't happen nor invitations to family gatherings/ birthday parties/holiday parties etc....yeah not happening either!  
  6. When the weather breaks around spring, he disappears.  
These are just some common signs but if you are or have experienced any of them, then girl you have or are CUFFED!

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